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Open house, education credits bring contractors together

An open house that put about two dozen United Building Supply contractors together with several vendors, as well as a 3.5-credit continuing education class, turned into a big win for everyone.

The open house, held at Breaking Bread in Sheboygan, was the first time in several years that UBS has provided an opportunity for contractors to get the educational credits they need.

The educational component was led by Tom Harris of OSI sealant. As part of the course, volunteers from the class took a turn using OSI caulk on a window and also worked together to install a sliding patio door in a temporary frame.

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Unsung heroes: Soffit, fascia and trim

What is one thing all builders know that many homeowners don’t? The purpose and function of soffit and fascia.

Soffit is the underside of the roof, sort of like the skin that covers your eaves — without it, rafter beams would be visible. Covering them with soffit gives the house a unified, tidy look and protects the rafters from the elements.

Fascia, the band that runs horizontally under the roof’s edge, typically goes hand-in-hand with soffit, and United Building Supply offers fascia in two sizes and a wide variety of colors. We offer LP Smartside Soffit products, which are an efficient and economical alternative to MDO and plywood soffits. Soffit options are available in three of LP’s product collections, each with a range of styles and profiles.

In addition, we have 35 colors of trim coil in stock to make sure builders have exactly what they need when they need to match aluminum trim with siding or windows. Our aluminum trim is made by Alsco Building Products, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

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Personalized Colors and Unrivaled Durability: ProVia Heartland Super Polymer Siding

the Jeffersons

Siding that Keeps you Warm Without Sacrificing Beauty

Like many elements of a home, the siding serves a practical purpose while also carrying a utility as an aesthetically appealing part of the home. The right siding can perfectly complement a home and raise the bar on its overall beauty. At the same time, siding is a useful way to keep warmth within the home itself. An excellent example is the top notch siding offered by ProVia. Their CedarMAX insulated siding assists in the warming of a home. Specifically, it breaks the “thermal bridge” between the home’s studs and exterior cladding. In essence, thermal bridging is when heat flows through two different materials with poor insulating properties – the contact between the materials is the thermal bridge.

Increase R-value

When building a home or adding to an already established home, one of the first aspects to consider is the insulation, and in turn the R-value of the structure. Fortunately, builders that use CedarMAX don’t have to worry about heat loss, as the insulated siding boasts an R-value of 2.5 – which substantially exceeds wood, brick, cement, and stucco R-values. This is a welcome addition to homes in the Midwest, where winter temperatures can dip to sub-zero temperatures at night. Plus, the CedarMax has 5x more impact resistance than ordinary siding, and features a 227 mph windload rating.

Heartland Anti-Weathering Material

The siding developed by ProVia is the ultimate in anti-weathering. It uses a SPX-2000 UV blocker to protect the siding from elements. Additionally, you can give the homeowner/buyer peace of mind when they choose a color to complement the rest of their home. That is because Heartland stands behind their product with a color-keeper™ anti-fade protection guarantee.

So, whether you are creating an entirely new home and you’re looking for reliable siding to encapsulate the edifice, or you are seeking siding for a new add-on, we at United Building Supply Inc. can help! Take a look around our website and discover all of the great products we have to offer, including windows, decking, doors & more!

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All Your Exterior Remodeling Products in One Place


Our Remodeling Products Help Make a Home a Masterpiece

From the largest scale projects to the smallest, home remodeling is art careful a with a healthy dose of science mixed in. Creating the vision your client has in mind requires access to the finest materials available. Without those materials at a good price – you can be left out in the cold. Subpar materials break down more easily, are scratched and stained with ease, and ultimately don’t give your customer the best bang for their buck. Here at United Building Supply Inc. we have an abundance of great materials you can choose from. Take the exquisite deck pictured above, from Genovations. This masterful deck is gorgeous, practical, and made from top-tier materials. It is the perfect embodiment of our approach to remodeling.

Windows, Doors, Insulation, and More!

Based in Oostburg, Wisconsin, we are experts in exterior remodeling products. We have access to some of the absolute best manufacturers in the business. Take advantage of the relationships we’ve built over the years with access to the best in soffit, fascia, trim, and siding. In addition you can find high quality windows, doors, and insulation. In the end, we are here to provide you with the materials you need to get the job done. You can ensure that your prospective customers will be interested in what you have to offer when you have the cache of items that we offer in your back pocket.

Backed by Quality Industry Knowledge and Experience

Even if you are having trouble determining what company would best serve your needs, you needn’t worry. We’ve worked in the construction industry for many years and are prepared to help in any way we can. Utilize our wealth of knowledge to your advantage. Visit us online today to learn more about us and see how we can help you get the materials you need!

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Quality Doors for Quality Homes


Exterior Doors, Patio Doors, and More!

The doors to your home are the centerpiece of a home. A solid, beautiful door can make all the difference in the world. From patio doors to front doors to doors with blinds built between the glass panes – we at United Building Supply Inc. have everything you could ever need to erect a dream home. Doors are at their best when they are seen and not heard, appreciated, but not worried about. Perhaps the mark of a great door is when it fits in the home, and it adds to the beauty of the home too. Consistence is likewise an important factor, since having doors made from the same material and with the same uniformity is pleasing to the eye.

The Best Building Materials Money Can Buy

Architects and builders love working with us, because we’ve done the hard part for them. Over the years we have vetted various manufacturers to compile only the most elite building materials into our inventory. We proudly carry the best of the best, and for doors that means Therma-Tru, Masonite,Tru Tech, Waudena, and Larson Doors. Our helpful team of experts is prepared to help you find the right fit for your particular job. Allow us to flex our industry muscle, so to speak, and ensure you have full access to all of the various exterior building materials we have to offer.

Durable, Beautiful Doors

At the end of the day, your success as a builder is largely up to you. Selling a homeowner on a remodel requires the proper sales tactic coupled with a great product; and with the help of United Building Supply Inc. you can rest assured that you will have a great product or two to sell. Visit us online today to discover all of the wonderful items we have for sale or give us a call at 920-564-3888 to speak with an exterior remodeling specialist!

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A Bastion Against Cold Temperatures

Wintery wonderland

The Importance of Insulation for Frigid Temperatures

Ah, winter. Each year us Wisconsinites have to endure the bitterly cold temperatures that Mother Nature throws at us, and deal with the inclement weather that comes along for the ride. The winter temperatures and winter weather bring about a certain childish joy in some of us, while others have less positive associations. Fortunately for all of us, modern infrastructure is constructed from the best materials available and effectively keeps the brisk air out and the warm air in. More than ever, insulation products are keeping energy bills down and homeowners’ spirits up. There is something to be said about waking up in a warm bed as the snowfall slowly piles up outside.

A Cold Winter Approaches

Weather experts have been unable to put their finger on the weather pattern for this upcoming winter, but most agree that El Niño will rear its ugly head and make November through February less than pleasurable for many residents across the Midwest. The good news is that they have great options available to them – options that will keep their homes warm and their families comfortable. Here at United Building Supply Inc., we are well-stocked with some of the best insulation products money can buy. Builders and contractors alike rely on us to give their customers the absolute best and ensure their repeat business.

Work with the Best

So…what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you worked with the best? Our large inventory allows us to serve local customers with a wide variety of exterior remodeling products. Visit us online today to discover all of the wonderful pieces we have to offer you, or simply give us a call at 920-564-3888. We look forward to hearing from you!

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A Deck For All Seasons

fall deck

The Pleasures of an Outdoor Deck in Your Backyard

The deck – one of the flagship elements of any exterior renovation project. Whether you are building a front porch or a backyard patio – the deck is considered something of a luxury. Homeowners can enjoy the outdoors in a leisurely way. On those cool autumn mornings there is nothing quite like enjoying your hot cup of morning coffee as you survey the morning, the dew clinging to the blades of grass, the crisp air on your skin. In many parts of the country a deck is associated with summer: an outdoor bbq, a nightcap on the patio on a warm summer evening. Here in Wisconsin, however, your deck can be used for so much more when the weather is agreeable.

The Technology of Tomorrow, Today: Genovations Decking

The fine folks at Genovations Deck Flooring and Railing have developed a PVC-based decking that is head and shoulders above the competition. From the inside out, their decking is truly special. Built with 100% PVC, there are no foam, fillers or fibers in their decking material – nothing mold can grow on. The surface is just as phenomenal: anti-slip, anti-skid, it does not get slippery when it gets wet. In addition, reflectance have been built into the surface, effectively radiating the heat of the sun. On a bright, hot, sunny day, color for color, their surface temperature is going to be 20-30º cooler than a five quarter deck board. The result? A barefoot friendly surface that is cool to the touch that is low-maintenance and can be installed directly over concrete. The design and engineering of these marvelous deck is so exquisite that the employees at Genovations classify it as “flooring for your deck.”

Decking and So Much More

Here at United Building Supply Inc., the decking options provided by Genovations is but one of the many exterior remodeling products we have available. From windows and doors to insulation and siding, we provide contractors and builders with the absolute best products available. Visit us online or give us a call at 920-564-3888 to learn more and discover all of the products we have!

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Protect Your Plants from the Winter Weather


The Many Kinds of Lindsay Windows

The unfortunate truth of living in a part of the country that is exposed to all four seasons of the calendar year is that you are unable to grow as many plants and flowers as other warmer locales. The good news? You don’t have to be resigned to growing wonderful potted plants and flowers during the weather-friendly months of the year. Lindsay Windows make a plethora of great window options available to consumers, including a garden window that is as appealing as it is practical. A garden window affords you the opportunity to grow beautiful flowers without exposure to the elements and inclement weather.

In addition, Lindsay has uniquely beautiful bay and bow windows, blinds in windows, patio doors, and a colorful array of paint options to choose from.

Garden With a View

With the garden window from Lindsay windows, you can rest assured that your plants will receive ample sunlight and add a touch of decorative, bright décor to your home. The garden window also serves to highlight the flowers, putting them on a pedestal of sorts – a display for you and your guests to enjoy.

From Windows to Decking and Everything In Between

When you have the experts at United Building Supply Inc. in your corner, you are guaranteed to have access to the best in exterior remodeling materials. Lindsay Windows is but one of our many valued collaborators that effectively allow us to offer the very best in materials to contractors and builders. If you are looking for the absolute best, you’ve come to the right place. Make your next job a resounding success with the help of our extensive collection of building materials! Visit us online today or give us a call at 920-564-3888 for more information.

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