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For beautiful railings, you can’t do better than Regal

Outdoor living season is coming, and along with your deck or patio, potted geraniums and outdoor furniture, there is one thing that really makes or breaks your home’s exterior look — the railings around the porch, deck, patio or pool.

No matter what look you want, Regal Ideas, one of the largest and most well-known aluminum railing brands in North America, has exactly what you’re looking for.

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Plenty of Window Options


Marvin Windows and More at United Building Supply Inc.

The right windows in a home can make all the difference, whether you have a bay window in the kitchen, a large patio door/window, or even just a cozy window in a carefully selected spot for some afternoon reading. Windows are a great way for homeowners to show off their property, and present a glimpse into the beauty of the home. Conversely, they allow the inhabitants to peak out to the outside world, and enjoy the world around them from a safe, comfortable vantage point. The best windows are aesthetically pleasing while also maintaining the warmth of the home in winter and cool in summer. Marvin Windows is one of the best window manufacturers around, and fortunately we at United Building Supply Inc. have a healthy working relationship with them.

Windows and Other Outdoor Remodeling Materials

Ultimately, the work of a builder or contractor is only as good as the craftsmanship of the products themselves. All of the other factors – a timely construction period, cost, and customizability – pale in comparison to the importance of great quality product. Providing that quality product is at the core of what we do best here at United Building Supply Inc. We are in the business of helping builders get the materials they need to get the job done. From windows to decking, doors to siding, we have a plethora of outdoor remodeling materials at our disposal. In addition to Marvin Windows, we also carry great window manufacturers such as Lindsay, Silverline Windows by Anderson, and Badger.

Take advantage of the fantastic business relationships we’ve built over the years to obtain all the best building materials. We even have high quality soffit, fascia, and trim available! And if insulation is what you need, you needn’t look any further, because we’ve got you covered!

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A Quality Deck, Just in Time for Spring

azek decking

AZEK Decking from United Building Supply Inc.

One of the most inviting elements of any home is the outdoor deck. From hosting parties in the backyard to simply sipping coffee while watching the sunrise on a brisk morning – the deck affords a homeowner extra space without forcing them to incur a dramatic increase in upkeep. The right deck is appealing, physically enduring, and adds to the home in a way that makes one hard-pressed to imagine it any other way! Oftentimes, homeowners have a backyard that is underutilized, and a well-placed deck can open up that space and make it much more highly usable. The truth of the matter is, though, that not all decks are made equally. Wood decks can be stained, rot, and deteriorate over time.

Here at United Building Supply Inc., great decking suppliers are something of a specialty for us. We proudly carry AZEK Products – a brilliant coalition of design and beauty. Their decks are made of the finest materials, and feature the optimum choice of low maintenance decking. Made with a cellular pvc formulation, AZEK decks are stain resistant – helping you avoid the cleanup of spilled wine, fruit punch, and even hamburger grease. This is a revolutionary surface that beats all other decking options, from wood to composite.

The Brilliance of Azek Decks

The true advantage of Azek Decks is in their design. AZEK decks meet the demands of consumers, and then some. Essentially, they eliminate the headaches of traditional wood and composite decking, allowing homeowners to fully enjoy the deck for many years to come.

To discover this company’s great products, and find a plethora of other building supplies you need to get the job done, be sure to visit our website and discover for yourself all of the prime outdoor remodeling products we have to offer. Our collection of exterior remodeling products is perfect for contractors and builders alike, and comes at prices you won’t find anywhere else! Give us a call at 920-564-3888 today or visit us online to get started!

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Personalized Colors and Unrivaled Durability: ProVia Heartland Super Polymer Siding

the Jeffersons

Siding that Keeps you Warm Without Sacrificing Beauty

Like many elements of a home, the siding serves a practical purpose while also carrying a utility as an aesthetically appealing part of the home. The right siding can perfectly complement a home and raise the bar on its overall beauty. At the same time, siding is a useful way to keep warmth within the home itself. An excellent example is the top notch siding offered by ProVia. Their CedarMAX insulated siding assists in the warming of a home. Specifically, it breaks the “thermal bridge” between the home’s studs and exterior cladding. In essence, thermal bridging is when heat flows through two different materials with poor insulating properties – the contact between the materials is the thermal bridge.

Increase R-value

When building a home or adding to an already established home, one of the first aspects to consider is the insulation, and in turn the R-value of the structure. Fortunately, builders that use CedarMAX don’t have to worry about heat loss, as the insulated siding boasts an R-value of 2.5 – which substantially exceeds wood, brick, cement, and stucco R-values. This is a welcome addition to homes in the Midwest, where winter temperatures can dip to sub-zero temperatures at night. Plus, the CedarMax has 5x more impact resistance than ordinary siding, and features a 227 mph windload rating.

Heartland Anti-Weathering Material

The siding developed by ProVia is the ultimate in anti-weathering. It uses a SPX-2000 UV blocker to protect the siding from elements. Additionally, you can give the homeowner/buyer peace of mind when they choose a color to complement the rest of their home. That is because Heartland stands behind their product with a color-keeper™ anti-fade protection guarantee.

So, whether you are creating an entirely new home and you’re looking for reliable siding to encapsulate the edifice, or you are seeking siding for a new add-on, we at United Building Supply Inc. can help! Take a look around our website and discover all of the great products we have to offer, including windows, decking, doors & more!

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Under the Radar: The Benefits of Great Trim


The Aesthetic Appeal of Appropriate Trim

A home is a mixed bag of parts, pieces, and elements that collide to create a masterpiece of design. One of the more inconspicuous components of a home is the trim. The trim serves to bring out the color of a home, to accent it, and make the color or colors of a home truly pop. In this way, trim is used to accentuate a home. But a new trim is not often a home remodel that homeowners consider on their own. After being given some samples of homes with redone trim, many customers will begin to see the appeal of new trim.

Complement the Primary Color

The right trim adds a pleasant note to any home, whether it stands in stark contrast to the color of that home. While other builders might focus on the big ticket items such as a new garage or building an entirely new room, refurbished trim presents a welcome change to a home that is not terribly time consuming or labor intensive. The final result is great, and the happiness etched on the faces of homeowners will make it all the more worth it.

Building Supplies you Need, Prices you can Afford

At the end of the day, you are only limited by your budget, your crew, and your imagination. With the help of United Building Supply you can rest easy knowing your projects are using the absolute best materials available, all from a local, reputable building materials supplier. Make sure to take a look around our website and discover all of the top notch remodeling products we have to offer! We look forward to helping you make each home a better place to live.

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