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Norandex Siding

Norandex Premium vinyl siding developed a color-hold, fade-resistant technology to resist fading from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Norandex has also designed an installation system to take the guesswork out of finding studs. The Nail Right Siding installation system allows the installer to nail into the studs every time, eliminating the possibility of nailing into electrical or plumbing inside the wall. Norandex premium vinyl siding also comes in multiple profiles to fit your style and taste. Norandex backs its siding with a limited lifetime transferable warranty, including lifetime fade protection, to give your home many years of beautiful color and you peace of mind.

::  Woodsman Select  ::

Woodsman select premium siding for your home has the look of real wood with a cedar grain texture.  It comes in 19 colors on a sturdy .042” panel.  Woodsman select comes in Double 4 and Double 5 lap siding and a Double 4 and Double 5 Dutchlap.

::  Great Barrier  ::

Great Barrier is a quality siding at an affordable price. Great Barrier's high performance .046” solid vinyl siding panel features an exclusive rail lock system that can withstand hurricane-force winds. With 23 colors to choose from, Great Barrier siding has something for every homeowner's style and taste. To get the look you want, options include Double 4 or Double 5 Lap siding or Double 4 or Double 5 Dutchlap siding.

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