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Heartland Super Polymer Siding

Heartland verifiably “Green” super polymer siding can give your home the natural look of real wood. Heartland Super Polymer siding has 22 personalized, long-lasting colors that are designed to complement your home. Heartland developed an anti-weathering material that includes SPX-2000 UV blocker to protect your siding from the elements, and stands behind its product with a color-keeper™ anti-fade protection guarantee. Heartland siding is also formulated with tri-pigment reflective technology that reflects damaging infrared solar rays and allows scratches to virtually disappear.

::  CedarMax Super Polymer  ::

CedarMax Insulated Siding is a complete thermal cladding system with an R-Value of 2.5, substantially exceeding wood, brick, cement or stucco R-values. CedarMax has many features that help it to outperform the competition, including the Cyclonic Locking System and 0.050” thickness. A double-ply windload nailing hem give CedarMax a 227 mph windload rating. CedarMax is more rigid than the competition and can withstand five times more impact resistance than ordinary siding. This siding is manufactured specifically for the foam cladding. Combined production of the siding and foam produces a product that is straight without cupping between laps; a siding with a realistic wood look!

::  Cedar Peaks Super Polymer  ::

Cedar Peaks Super Polymer Formulation has been tested and proven dependable. This siding is designed with a double ply hem that features a fold-over design, doubling the material thickness for exceptional windload resistance. A patented Twister Lock and Cyclonic Locking System ensures a strong bond between the siding and exterior wall. Cedar Peaks comes in a Double 4.5” lap, Double 4.5” Dutchlap, or a Beaded 6.5” profile. With a selection of 22 different colors, this Cedar Peaks Super Polymer siding has something for every homeowner. 

::  HeartTech Super Polymer  ::

HeartTech Super Polymer Siding utilizes fine, high-grade raw materials in perfect formulated blends to deliver outstanding beauty, protection and performance.  This siding comes in a Double 4”, Double 4” Dutchlap, Double 5”, and Double 5” Dutchlap all made from a superior .044” panel. HeartTech has a double ply windload nailing hem to help protect your home, and a choice of 24 colors to keep your home looking beautiful for a lifetime.

::  Arbor Glen Super Polymer  ::

Arbor Glen Super Polymer Siding is one of Heartland's top choices. It comes in two lengths of 12’1” and 16’. Arbor Glen has a brushed grain look with a matte finish that helps create a subtle look for your home.  You can choose between 15 different colors and a Double 4.5” lap or Double 4.5 Dutchlap to suit your needs.

::  Autumnwood Super Polymer  ::

Autumnwood Super Polymer Siding is engineered to look like real wood.  The woodbark texture gives you an authentic wood surface impression but does not split, rot, flake or peel. Autumnwood is made from a durable .042” thickness material and comes in Double 4”, Double 4” Dutchlap, Double 5” and a Double 5” Dutchlap. The selection of 16 different colors offers you many options to find the siding to fit your home.

::  Ultra Super Polymer   ::

Ultra Super Polymer Siding is a great choice for exceptional value and performance. Ultra is precisely formulated of the highest-grade raw materials that resist cracking, fading and chipping so you will never pick up a paint brush again. Heartland Ultra siding has a soft mill grain surface and is available in 11 colors; 7 colors are in stock ready for you today!

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