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Housewrap Insulation Products

Breathe EZ is one of the most effective ways of reducing home energy costs. Breathe EZ maintains R values and reduces condensation problems on exterior walls by keeping the unwanted water out, yet allowing moisture to escape. Breathe EZ innovative printing process can handle custom logos of various sizes and up to six colors per logo. BreatheEZ™ building wraps are ideal billboards for advertising your company name and logo to a targeted and interested audience. 

::  Breathe EZ  ::

BreatheEZ™ Housewrap is translucent so both the housewrap installers and exterior siding installers during construction can see the nailing surface. A high UV rating allows BreatheEZ™ Housewrap to be exposed for up to 9 months. This results in greater flexibility in scheduling window and exterior siding installation. Installed sales and sub-Contractors will both benefit from this. The reduced air infiltration resulting from the use of properly installed BreatheEZ™ Housewrap results in lower energy costs, while the micro-perforations still allow water vapor to escape. The water resistant properties of BreatheEZ™ Housewrap also make it an ideal drainage plane behind exterior siding products.
- Exceeds code requirements for air and weather resistant barriers
- U.V. stable up to nine months
- Translucent for easy installation of house wrap and siding
- Excellent tear resistance
- Reduces air infiltration
- Breathes to allow moisture vapor to pass through its surface

::  Breathe EZ Plus  ::

BreatheEZ™ Plus MPL (Microporous Low Perm) and MPH (Microporous High Perm) was developed specifically to meet today’s demanding expectations for an energy-efficient and healthy living environment. BreatheEZ™ Plus is a residential and commercial-grade building wrap that is a 7 mil microporous non-woven engineered fabric. BreatheEZ™ Plus sheds water and reduces air infiltration yet allows the transfer of moisture vapor to the outside, creating a healthier and more energy efficient structure.  BreatheEZ™ Plus MPL and MPH commercial-grade building wraps protect against air infiltration and moisture behind all types of exterior siding including wood, composite panels, vinyl, stucco, brick, stone, masonry, metal and insulated sheathings. Both BreatheEZ™ Plus MPL and BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH are UV-stabilized to resist excessive degradation when left exposed for 180 days, protecting the building envelope during construction. Industry leading weather protection: BreatheEZ™ Plus MPL and MPH building wraps excel by providing exceptional water and surfactant resistance to assure a dry wall cavity while limiting air movement within the wall cavity, increasing energy efficiency and home comfort. Breathability options: Match the performance of building wrap to your breathability requirements with BreatheEZ™ Plus MPL (Low Perm) or BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH (High Perm) building wrap. Familiar installation process is simple and efficient. Both BreatheEZ™ Plus MPL and MPH meet or exceed applicable building codes for weather resistant air barriers which are a critical component for a healthy, energy-efficient building. 

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