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Caulk and Sealants Insulation Products

United Building Supply offers a large selection of caulks in many different colors to match the exterior siding or the interior of your windows and trim.

::  OSI® QUAD®  ::

OSI® QUAD® Advanced Formula Window, Door & Siding Sealant is specially designed for sealing around windows, doors, fiber-cement siding, vinyl siding, roofing and gutters. It bonds without a primer to most common substrates like cedar, fiberglass, aluminum, masonry and concrete. OSI QUAD can be applied to wet or dry surfaces, even at freezing temperatures. And unlike other sealants, QUAD resists dirt & dust collection, yellowing and water washout. QUAD is self tooling and once cured, it is paintable. OSI color specialists work closely with leading window, door, siding and trim manufacturers to ensure perfect color matches.

::  DAP® DYNAFLEX® 920  ::

A high performance, elastomeric sealant developed for professional siding and window installations. Provides a long-lasting elastomeric seal, which helps prevent water and air intrusion. An extensive offering of colors provides an aesthetically appealing finished look to any installation. DAP® DYNAFLEX® 920 can be applied in most weather conditions and will not wash away when exposed to rain prior to full cure. DAP® DYNAFLEX® 920 is ideal for sealing around exterior siding, windows, doors and trim where a durable aesthetic seal is required. Adheres to most common building materials, Including, vinyl, aluminum, metal, fiber cement, masonry, wood, Stucco. DAP® DYNAFLEX® 920 can also be applied to moist or wet surfaces or even in extreme cold temperatures. This self tooling sealant is VOC compliant and meets or exceeds ASTM C920 specifications.  

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