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Tru-Tech® Doors Exterior Doors

Tru-Tech Doors are built for durability and low  maintenance with the look of real wood. To achieve this elegant look, these doors come in many different species from mahogany, and oak to cherry or fir. The construction of the Tru-Tech Door features true square edge design and wider stiles, providing enhanced security, durability and strength. For security, Tru-Tech builds its doors to allow for top-quality door hardware. 

::  Executive Series Entrance Doors  ::

The Executive Series, an innovative and distinctive class of entrance doors for the discriminating consumer. The Executive Series entrance door is the only steel door in its class to offer raised panel profiles, profiles that until now were only possible on wood doors. With a wide variety of panel profiles, colors, iron and decorative glass inserts to choose from, you can be confident that your entrance door will be as distinctive as your home.

::  Harbour Craft® Fiberglass Collection  ::

Try Tech's Fiberglass Collection offers the highest durability door for any climate. With the superior wood grain finish that can be easily stained to match any decor, only you will know it's not real wood. Prefer a painted finish? Not a problem. With Tru Tech Fiberglass Doors you are sure to find the perfect look for you.
The Harbour Craft Collection is the first of many Tru Tech fiberglass doors.
Using a patented technology and a unique molding process, Harbour Craft Fiberglass doors mimic the grain, texture and construction of a handcrafted hardwood door. And just like a real wood door, the process starts with the highest quality hardwoods. Each mold is made from a select piece of mahogany, oak or cherry to guarantee the authentic look and feel of real wood. Our vast array of rich, embossed panels and complementary doorlites, sidelites and frames will complete your look. The molded fiberglass exterior frame and polyurethane foam core will provide superior thermal performance and strength. So if you've always desired the beauty of wood but not the maintenance, look no further than a Tru Tech Fiberglass Door.

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