Regal railings: Easy, customizable, affordable, beautiful

Regal railingWhen it comes to completing new home construction or an exterior facelift to an existing house, nothing puts a big red bow on the project like beautiful, functional railings. They can be tricky to include in a project, however, because many of them are difficult to construct and maintain.

The exception to that rule, however, is the Regal Railing system.


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With a patented locking system and a dazzling variety of styles and details, Regal Railings are polished and professional looking for the seasoned homebuilder and simple enough for a DIY-er to install himself.

What makes the Regal system stand out is the way it combines standard-length railings — which come in 6-foot, 8-foot or 10-foot

Regal system picket options

Regal system picket options

sections — with snap-in pickets that give the exact look the homeowner or builder is looking for. The patented locking system makes it the fastest and easiest to install while still being high-quality and beautiful.

Pickets come in several decorative options: straight pickets in two widths and four variations of decorative styles. The homeowner can mix and combine the styles to create a customized look. And if pickets aren’t on the wish list, the Regal system also offers tempered glass panes that snap into the top and bottom railings the same way pickets do.

The railings are available at United Building Supply in yard bronze color, and four other tones are available: black, white, beige and taupe. Options for rail caps include the ball, tower and pyramid cap.

For an extra shot of luxury, the Regal system also offers a low-voltage LED kit with remote control for a warm nighttime glow. The Regal railing system also offers a variety of other products, including stair stringers, stair rails and fencing products.

The all-aluminum Regal products are the best of both worlds: the quality and durability of aluminum and a price point that is much closer to less-reliable vinyl railing systems.

For a closer look at the options available from Regal railing systems, stop in at United Building Supply for a demonstration of the way the system works.

Throughout Sheboygan, Ozaukee and Washington counties and beyond, no one has a better selection of building materials or a better connection to product manufacturers that provide all the supplies builders need. United Building Supply specializes in exterior siding and trim, new construction and replacement windows, and doors, insulation products, soffit, facia and trim, roof shingles and Regal railings.

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The house’s crowning glory: Landmark shingles from CertainTeed

Landmark 2 shinglesWhen homeowners are planning their new construction or choosing replacement products, roof shingles do not get the attention that sexy items like windows or doors receive. But shingles are a vital element of any home and can make or break the look of the home’s exterior as well as energy efficiency and performance inside.

So when shingles are on the to-do list, nothing suits customers’ needs like the Landmark Series from CertainTeed Saint-Gobain.

A new item in the United Building Supply warehouse, Landmark shingles are prized for quality, durability, style and color. There are many different products in the Landmark line, which vary in price, weight and thickness, and all are available through UBS.

On site, we carry the high-quality Landmark brand, which offers dual-layer durability and a limited lifetime warranty, and comes in a rainbow of hues to complement any style and color of home. The options for in-stock color choices are: burnt sienna, colonial slate, heather blend, moire black and the very popular weathered wood.

Landmark shingles are known for CertainTeed’s StreakFighter technology, which uses copper coating on some of the granules on each shingle to protect the roof from the streaking caused by airborne algae. They are fire resistant, wind resistant, tear resistant and wind-driven rain resistant.

Of course, shingles alone don’t make a worry-free roof. Everything that’s required for the job, from the starter shingle to the roof felt, ridge vents and hip and ridge pieces, are available through United Building Supply.

CertainTeed shingles are available in a range of options:

  • Landmark, Landmark Pro, Landmark Premium and Landmark TL, which offer varying degrees of color options and performance and are considered designer or premium designer styles
  • Northgate, which is a more flexible, rubberized asphalt shingle designed to stay pliable even in low temperatures for year-round installation.
  • Grand Manor and Symphony, which are luxury options. Symphony is composite slate and Grand Manor is asphalt made to give the effect of a natural slate roof.
  • Carriage House, a heavy-weight scalloped style, and Presidential Shake, which looks like real cedar shakes. Both are luxury styles.
  • Presidential Solaris, a luxury solar reflective style that replicates the look of wood shakes.

CertainTeed has other lines and styles, as well, but these are the ones that are the most sought-after in this region and the best suited for new home construction and home updates in our area.

Throughout Sheboygan, Ozaukee and Washington counties and beyond, no one has a better selection of building materials or a better connection to product manufacturers that provide all the supplies builders need. United Building Supply specializes in exterior siding and trim, new construction and replacement windows, and exterior/interior doors.

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Lindsay Windows offer an array of choices without compromising performance or efficiency 

Lindsday windowsOf all the product choices available for builders and contractors, windows are among the most important. The centerpiece of a home’s exterior, the windows have to be beautiful, functional and above all, efficient. Lindsay Windows fit the bill in every way, and they’re our top selling window because of both quality and price.

The Pinnacle Window by Lindsay is the top of the line, boasting all the ease and efficiency of vinyl windows and added improvements such as foam spacer inside the frame, which adds another layer of insulation and improves the allover efficiency of the windows.

The Pinnacle’s spacer technology uses a non-metal edge seal that reduces condensation, frosting and mold growth.

In addition, Pinnacle windows offer a magnetic seal between the bottom sash and sill, which provides an airtight “refrigerator effect” seal.

Pinnacle windows come in every variety: double hung, casement, slider, picture and sliding patio, bow and bay. Geometric and specialty custom windows are also available.

Every window option also offers a range of grid patterns and types, interior and exterior color choices and screen varieties. Glass can be ordered in four different textures: normal, obscured, aqua and rain, and hardware, extension jambs and window casings also offer an array of options.

Also in the Lindsay Window family are SunView and Earthwise, both of which are certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council for superior energy performance. In addition, all Lindsay Windows are made in the USA and have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and are Energy Star products.

The options for windows – either in new construction or replacement products – are staggering. If high quality and affordability are what a project calls for, Lindsay Windows have the solution.

United Building Supply Inc. has Lindsay Windows in stock, along with a huge variety of other exterior building materials and a long list of material manufacturers with whom we’ve done business for more than 30 years. From siding and roofing to trim, insulation, windows and more, United Building Supply is the place to come for remodeling and new construction materials.

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