An Oft-Overlooked Home Element: Siding


Imbue Character into Your Home


One of the most present elements of any home are the materials that make up the exterior of that home. The siding, in particular, is a large component of the exterior, and can add to the overall beauty of the home. In that sense, poorly made siding can take away from the home, and similarly siding that doesn’t mesh well with the other building materials can be detrimental on an aesthetic level. For this reason, choosing quality siding is always the best option, be it for a home yet to be built or to renovate a home already in existence.


The siding of a home is almost an accent, and can be seen as an afterthought to those not in this industry. But contrary to that misconception, siding goes a long way to the overall feeling of a home. From shakes to shingles, stone & brick to shapes, siding is a fun design element that many first-time homeowners will regrettably overlook. If you select the right siding option for your home, you can successfully imbue it with just the right character, encapsulating your personal character or blending in with the other homes in your neighborhood.


Mid-America Components Siding


At United Building Supply Inc., we are proud to carry a healthy handful of great siding companies. Each of these companies has made a great impression on us over the years, and we are happy to offer each of them to our customers. Mid-America Components Siding is one great example of the many wonderful siding companies we work closely with. Their products are designed for efficient, contractor-friendly installation. Flush with flexibility, Mid-America Siding Components can mount directly onto any new or existing cladding, from vinyl and fiber cement siding to stucco and stone veneer.


In addition to great siding, we also carry some fantastic door, window, decking, and insulation products! Visit our site today to learn more or simply give us a call at 920-564-3888. We look forward to hearing from you!


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The Beauty of a New Deck

cozy wozy

Great Deck Supplies for your Wisconsin Home

Although the great outdoors may not be enjoyed quite as often here in Wisconsin compared to other states and regions of the country, there are still some great mornings and evenings to be appreciated here. Perhaps the best way to begin or end your day is on a quality front or back deck. A deck affords you extra space, and gives you the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors when the weather permits. The right decking equipment will last a long time too, allowing you to utilize for years and years to come.

Here at United Building Supply Inc., we specialize in some of the best deck supplies around. Both Genovations and Azek supply durable, great looking decks that truly make an indelible impression. Azek’s composite decks are perfect for the harsh Wisconsin winters, capable of withstanding food and drink stains as well as surviving the harsh weather elements.

Morning or Evening Enjoyment Just Beyond Your Door

A deck represents an escape of sorts – a transition from the working world to the relaxing life of your home. The right deck can serve as your morning coffee spot, effectively giving you the chance to get in the right mindset before a busy day. In a similar way a deck can be used as a great unwinding tool, giving you the chance to recharge and reflect at the end of a long day.

No matter how you choose to use your deck, make sure you consult the professionals at United Building Supply Inc. to ensure you get a price and a great quality deck. We have the necessary materials and can help you transform the outside of your home into a veritable oasis of joy and relaxation.

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Surviving The Cold

cold nights


Building Materials To Keep Your Family Warm

Any longtime resident of Wisconsin understands what it truly means to live through winter. The cold in Wisconsin can be truly unbearable, with temperatures regularly dipping well below freezing, keeping residents safely inside their homes to wait out the frost. The cold can become so unbearable that it appears to seep right into your skin, chilling you to the bone. Historically low temperatures necessitate proper building materials that will keep homeowners safe. The right building materials will ensure the warmth of the home is kept present, and the frigid air is prevented from entering.

United Building Supply Inc.: A Cut Above

When it comes time to reinforce your home for the winter temperatures, contractors across Wisconsin turn to United Building Supply for their materials. Insulation, for example, is a huge component in the overall heating of a home. Inefficient insulation can leave you seeing your own breath in your own home, so why take that chance? With United Building Supply Inc. at the helm, you are guaranteed the best building materials that give your home the best insulation and ability to retain warmth.

Materials for Old and New Homes Alike

Whether you are seeking to build an entirely new home or you are simply looking to upgrade a home already in existence – the professionals at United Building Supply Inc. are here to help. We are experts in our industry, and our knowledge is backed by many years of experience. We work closely with some of the best building material companies in the country to offer you everything you could possibly need to upgrade the durability of any given home. Browse our website or give us a call today to learn more about we can help you! 920-564-3888

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Give Your Home Extra Pizzazz With Marvin Windows

thanks Marvin

Marvin Windows in Oostburg, WI

There are many components that coalesce to create an unforgettable home. From the windows, to the paint, the doors and the plot of land on which it sits – our homes are distinguishable by these key traits. Windows are a particularly endearing trait of a great home. Not only do they allow light to enter into the home, but they keep out the elements too. In addition, the right windows can infuse just the right amount of character into a home.

The windows engineered by Marvin, part of the Marvin Family Brands, are truly exquisite. Marvin prides itself on quality and innovation. Each of their products are made to order, one at a time, to the exact specifications of the customer. This customizability factor is a valuable part of the Marvin brand, and really sets them apart from the competition. A plethora of exclusive innovations and high-performance energy efficiency options awaits you with Marvin, along with truly magnificent windows.

The Choice is Yours

Perhaps the best aspect of the Marvin brand is their variability of options. From double hung and single hung windows, to awning and shaped windows, they truly have a great selection. Bay & Bow Windows are a distinctive feature of any home, while glider windows offer the best in practicality. No matter what your flavor, Marvin has the vast collection to keep you satisfied and the necessary customizability to meet your every need.

Building Materials to Erect your Dream Home

Whether you are looking to build a new home from scratch or you are simply attempting to upgrade a currently standing structure, the experts at United Building Supply Inc. have got you covered. Marvin is one of their signature brands, but United also specializes in other treasured items such as siding, decking, insulation products, doors, and even soffit, fascia & trim.

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El Niño Is Coming to Wisconsin: Get Your Clients’ Exterior Siding, Insulation Fixed Now!


Cold Weather Ahead

With all the changing climate patterns, it’s difficult to know what exactly will happen during the winter of 2015-2016, but all experts agree: it’s going to be a doozy. What this means for Wisconsin? All signs from the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center ( point to a classic eastern Pacific model for our region, based on the El Niño weather patterns from previous seasons and their results.

What to Expect

This means cooler weather for September through November throughout the Great Lakes area is probable. The more interesting prognostication concerns warmer temperatures for December through February, with variable precipitation. The summer to follow will also likely have unusual temperatures and rain levels, as is typical after this kind of weather pattern.

Even if you’re not a fan of newfangled climate experts-go with the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which is also predicting a cold and snowy winter. While Wisconsin is used to rough winters, this may be one for the record books.

Building Materials for your Home

So what’s the bottom line? Now is the time to replace damaged exterior siding, insulation, old decking, and even soffit, fascia and trim. We carry a full range of products to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. We also make it a point to stock only the brands people trust, proven to endure. With more than two decades serving the Sheboygan, Washington and Ozaukee counties, we know our industry and we know our customers.

The winds, snows and rain this season promise to batter even the most well-made house, so don’t take a chance on anything less than the best. With United Building Supply Inc., you know you’re getting the finest quality every time, on everything we sell. Count on it, no matter the weather.

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Quality Raw Materials: Heartland Siding


Designed With You in Mind

Products across the country and across multiple industries continue to become more and more user-friendly – and the siding offered by Heartland Siding is no different. Heartland Super Polymer is guaranteed to keep your home looking new for years to come. The siding is crafted from the finest raw materials and designed to be resistant to chalking, fading, cracking, and warping. Give your home the natural look of real wood with Heartland verifiably “Green” super polymer siding. 22 personalized colors give you a wide range of options that can perfectly complement your home with a rich hue that lasts.

An Oft-Overlooked Element of your Home

Compared to the more high-profile building elements of a home: windows, doors, and even roof – the siding is relatively unknown to the average homeowner. At most, homeowners typically only care about the color of the home, and how that relates to the rest of the house as a whole. But good siding can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your home. The folks at Heartland understand that better than anyone, which is evident in their development of anti-weathering material that includes SPX-2000 UV blocker to protect your siding from the elements. In fact, Heartland is so confident in the lasting color of their quality siding that they offer a color-keeper™ anti-fade protection guarantee! At the end of the day, Heartland sets themselves apart from the competition with elite materials. Their siding is engineered with tri-pigment reflective technology that allows scratches to virtually disappear and reflect damaging infrared solar rays.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At United Building Supply, Inc., we place special emphasis on using only the best materials for our projects. Our team routinely utilizes the finest siding, windows, doors, and decks to ensure our customers’ homes are the best they can be. Visit us online today to discover Heartland Siding and all of the other great building materials we have to offer!

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Innovations in Home Design: Blinds-Between-the-Glass


Less Dirt & Cleaning

As we move closer to the heart of the summer months, and our homes are flooded with the sun’s golden rays, the light illuminates one of the biggest hassles in life: dust. Our blinds unfortunately are huge dust collectors, necessitating regular cleaning to keep your home looking pristine. The good news? One manufacturer has found a creative way around this age old problem: windows infused with blinds, right between the panes of glass! The 5500 Series from Silver Line by Anderson  is a budget-conscious sliding patio door that is designed with you in mind. A simple, flat design effortlessly blends with any décor, while fusion-welded heavy duty vinyl panels deliver incomparable durability and low-maintenance convenience.

The Best of Both Worlds

The beauty of the design of this special patio door is that it has advantages for both winter and summer. In the summer, the door’s ample window space gives you a clear view of the world outside, and invites the comfort of the summer sun into your home. For the winter months, the interlocking panels provide a weather tight seal against drafts – ensuring that the warmth in your home stays where it belongs.

A Cut Above: Anderson Silver Line Windows and Doors

Ultimately, the cutting edge design of the 5500 series sets it apart from other doors. The door eliminates the need for traditional dusting and cleaning of the blinds, and allows for a noiseless opening and closing. This door allows you to enjoy your patio and go between your patio and your home with ease – without the hassle of free-hanging blinds. You can find this and many other fine products at United Building Supply, Inc. Visit us online today to discover all of the quality products we have for homeowners.

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