Blending Practicality and Beauty



Beautiful Entry Doors

The front door to your home is the first thing visitors spot on their way in, and the last thing they see on their way out. When you invest in the home you wish to spend your life in and raise your family in, you want to make it the best it can be. A quality door or set of doors can do just that. Your front door, in particular, can tie your home together, and complement the color palate of your home. But your front door does more than just provide an eye-catching centerpiece, it serves a practical function as the entryway by preventing air infiltration while also securing your home.

Waudena Doors

Waudena exterior doors are built for lasting value and performance using quality components and workmanship. They are known for top-notch wood exterior doors, patio doors, and textured fiberglass exterior doors. Create your own masterpiece with one of their many architectural styles including Eclectic, Old World, Craftsman, Contemporary/Modern, and Classic/Traditional. Match the door to the décor of your home, with factory finished stain and paint colors and custom colors.

These doors come equipped with ball-bearing hinges, with eight hinge color options to select from. They even offer an option for aluminum jamb cladding, which protects the wood from rotting and ensures your door will be looking new for years to come.

Home Renovation in Oostburg, Wisconsin

Whether you seek to upgrade the current door of your home, or you are looking for quality doors for a home that is presently under construction, Waudena Doors is a supreme choice. Find their doors and others on the website of the home experts: United Building Supply Inc.. We can help you get excellent doors at great prices. Visit us for all of your exterior additions, including siding, decking, windows, and more!

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Boosting Your Insulating Power

Home Insulation Products

When most people think of home insulation, they imagine keeping warm energy inside the home in the frigid temperatures of winter. However, home insulation is just as important for the spring and summer months, and having an effective air barrier can spell the difference in keeping your home cool when you want it cool. In fact, up to 40% of energy loss in a typical home is due to air infiltration. If your home is not properly insulated, you could be paying the price, literally.

Breathe EZ Housewrap

Like anything in life, when you are shopping around for a quality product, you inevitably take the price into account. With Breathe EZ housewrap, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. This insulation does the job at a competitive cost, and is strong enough to resist punctures and tearing – even under the worst weather conditions!
Moisture is the #1 enemy of most building materials as well as the leading cause of building failure. Perhaps not surprisingly, the most significant source of moisture in buildings is air infiltration and air movement within the walls. To ensure you are keeping the moisture out of your home, use the housewrap that contactors trust. Breathe EZ appeals to contractors for its high UV rating, too. This allows the housewrap to be exposed for up to 9 months, granting flexibility to any building schedule.

Wisconsin Insulation Distributor

There are few home improvements that actually put money back in your wallet, and insulation is one of them. While you may not be able to tell the difference between a well-insulated home and a poorly insulated one, your bank account sure will! To upgrade the insulation of your home, come to the building professionals of United Building Supply Inc.. We will be happy to reduce your energy bills, whether it is in the heat of the summer of the chilling cold of winter.  

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The Wonder of Windows

blogsHome Exteriors in Oostburg, WI

The windows of your home are a gateway: a passage through which you can see the outside world, and a way in for people who are looking at your home. Oftentimes windows go unnoticed by casual viewers and buyers. This can happen in the construction of a new home or in an already established edifice. In fact, if windows do not dominate the spectrum of your house, particularly when viewed from the outside, they may go mostly unnoticed. Frequently it is only when you see the windows from within the home that you can truly appreciate thins such as their placement relative to the sun, arrangement, size, shape, and style.

Badger Custom Windows

When you are searching for a high-end window with low maintenance, your search can begin and end with Badger Custom Windows. Located right here in Wisconsin, Badger is a small window manufacturer that knows how to do windows. All of their windows are built with heavy duty, extruded vinyl frame and double strength glass that utilizes the highest quality hardware. Your personal creativity can come into play when deciding upon a window shape you would like to use. Badger carries double and single hung, sliders, casement, bays, bows and a large variety of architectural shapes. The colors add an extra dimension of customizability. Choose from white, almond, medium oak wood grain, and light oak wood grain.

United Building Supply

Ordinarily, when homeowners consider making a change to their home, they seek to “play it safe” and make renovations on the inside. The popular belief is that they would rather change something they see every day and their guests see with regularity, than an exterior adjustment. But window alterations, additions, and installations do not have to be painful, time-consuming changes! Trust the home experts: United Building Supply, Inc. We can help you achieve the optimum look for your home.

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