2015 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

Whether you want to improve your home’s value before you sell in 2015, or you want to fix up your home so it’s more energy efficient, or even if you just love DIY projects, there’s no better time to plan your home improvement projects than a brand new year. We’ve come up with some tips to help you complete some of the most common home improvement new year’s resolutions:

Go Green & Lower Your Energy Bill

The best place to start going green isn’t necessarily with a hybrid car or solar panels. In fact, the easiest way to start is by cutting down on everyday energy usage in your home. Some easy steps to take include turning the lights off when you leave a room, turning your A/C down during the winter at night and when you’re gone, and only running full loads of laundry and dishes. Bigger projects include installing new, energy efficient windows, adding additional insulation to your home and sealing any cracks and air leaks.

DIY Family Projects

Improving your home doesn’t have to be a chore. Some projects can be completed by the whole family, so you can spend time with those you love while improving the home you live in. You can help the environment and enhance your yard by planting trees, or you could replace your old house siding and let the kids paint the new siding.

Add a Deck

Decks can increase your home’s value, your home’s aesthetic appeal and they give you more space and a practical place to host guests. Decks are perfect for home BBQs or relaxing, romantic nights under the stars. New, quality decks require little maintenance and can last throughout all types of weather conditions for many years.

When you need affordable, quality building materials like insulation or decking products, look no further than United Building Supply, Inc. We provide top quality building materials and world class customer service so you can feel confident that you’re getting the materials and support you need to make your next project a true success.

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Local Custom Windows

It’s well known that during winter you should keep the thermostat low, add attic insulation, seal basement air leaks, and reduce heat loss from the fireplace if necessary. However, one of the most important things you can do to save money and improve your house with year round efficiency, is to upgrade or replace your current drafty windows with energy efficient windows.

Badger Custom Windows is a family owned company based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. From unique bay windows, to custom patio doors, to energy efficient windows, Badger Custom Windows can bring your ideal, long lasting and custom windows to life.

Replacement Windows & New Windows

Badger specializes in replacement windows, however they also handle a large amount of new construction windows for the consumers who prefer high-end windows that require little maintenance.

All Badger windows are built with the same heavy duty, extruded vinyl frame and double strength glass of only the highest quality materials. These quality windows are custom built within an 1/8” to fit your home to a tee.

Badger Custom Windows offer a variety of styles, such as double and single hung, sliders, casement, bays, bows and a large variety of architectural shapes. They also offer patio doors, so you can customize your windows and patio doors to match the rest of your house. By selecting from the available colors of white, almond, medium oak wood grain, and light oak wood grain, you can be sure your new materials will match and last.

Badger Custom Windows is a small, local MI company that prides itself on its experienced and friendly employees and their great work ethic. Remaining a smaller company has allowed Badger to focus on creating the best products possible and stay flexible so your windows can be completed exactly as you imagined.

United Building Supply is proud to be a Badger Custom Window distributor. When you need to order the best materials for your window replacement or other home improvement job, look no further than United Building Supply, Inc. today.

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