Premium Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a type of house siding that has become one of the most popular siding materials of choice as it is affordable, durable and requires the least amount of work to maintain. Not only can vinyl mimic the look of wood, but it is available in many different forms and colors, and it is not susceptible to insects or rot!

At United Building Supply, Inc., we’re proud to provide you with premium vinyl siding from Norandex. Norandex is part of Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s leading high-performance materials producer and distributor. Norandex specializes in exterior products that meet the high standards of building professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Norandex products stand out in four distinct ways:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Energy efficient
  3. Superior performance
  4. Pleasing appearance

Long Lasting, Secure, Durable: Vinyl Siding

Norandex offers a complete array of vinyl profiles and colors to match your unique style. While many exterior colors fade over time, your Norandex siding will not. With the resistant ColorHold technology that Norandex utilizes, these panels are superiorly resistance to fading cause by the sun’s rays.

Additionally, while your color will not fade, Norandex also takes advantage of the NailRIGHT siding installation system that gives you confidence in your new siding and peace of mind knowing it will perform even in the most adverse weather conditions.

To learn more about Norandex’s premium vinyl siding, visit United Building Supply, Inc. today. If you have questions about ordering siding or if you’re wondering if Norandex vinyl siding is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for friendly and knowledgeable customer service!

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Best Winter Time Home Improvement Projects

It’s easy to fall into the winter trap of laziness. Too much nothing, however, is never a good thing. If you’re looking to cure your cabin fever while completing some rewarding home improvement projects, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the most useful home improvement projects for you to consider starting this year:

Repair the Roof – Nothing aggravates a leaky roof like winter. Extreme temperatures and snow can further damage leaky roofs. Even functional roofs in cold areas can leak due to ice damming. An ice dam occurs when water builds up on your roof behind a blockage of ice. Adding additional insulation to your attic can help reduce the amount of stuck snow that melts and leaks inside.

Upgrade Your Windows – Upgrading windows can not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but it can also greatly help reduce your utility bills. Windows that are not insulated enough for their local climate can be a big contributor to energy inefficiency. Consider upgrading your windows this winter to increase your comfort level and decrease your heating bill.

Clean up the Yard – Don’t let fallen leaves sit in your yard all winter. Instead, take the time to enjoy the cool air and rake the leaves in your yard to prevent beds from suffocating, and fertilize your grass and greenery so they can remain nourished throughout winter.

Add Insulation – Although not the most fun of home improvement projects, sealing gaps and adding insulation where needed is fairly easy and can help save you money on your energy bill. Review your home’s caulking and weather stripping and replace where needed to keep the warm in and the cold out this winter season.

If you’re looking for new windows, insulation supplies or other building materials, look no further than United Building Supply, Inc. Since 1987 United Building Supply has been supplying the Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington counties and the surrounding area with quality building supplies such as replacement windows, exterior/interior doors and exterior siding and trims.

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Tru Tech Doors – A New Door Player

Although Tru Tech Doors is a fairly new company in the entry door industry, they’ve grown fast and so far have created a reputation for producing durable, detailed and attractive top quality products that truly stand out amongst the competition.

Superior Doors

Tru Tech specializes in the manufacturing of high quality entrance door systems. Because Tru Tech aims not only to meet industry standards, but to exceed industry standards, every door they create is a door that’s guaranteed to meet and exceed both your current and future needs.

This door company aims to provide clients with the best possible overall customer experience. Their doors are backed by an industry-leading limited lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty.

Customizable Doors

All of the Tru Tech team members have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in their particular field within the entry door industry. With patented designs and an in-house glass manufacturing department, this door company can customize almost any glass design to fit your wants and needs.

Additionally, if you are in need of a non-standard size door, Tru Tech can help there too. With many custom door options available, Tru Tech can manufacture doors that can fit in just about any opening and will enhance your home or office in both style and functionality.

Committed to Customer Service

Whether you’re a builder, an architect or a Do It Yourself enthusiast, Tru Tech strives to provide you with outstanding options through trusted distributors. At United Building Supply, we’re proud to provide you with Tru Tech entry doors. If you have questions about purchasing a new front door from Tru Tech, give us a call or send us an email today!

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Genovations Decking – Quality Deck Flooring

Genovations Decking is “distinctly different.” Genovations stands above the rest when it comes to deck flooring: this solid PVC decking material does not contain any foam or wood fillers, making it the ultimate decking material. Additionally, Genovations’ decking is:

  1. Faster – The tongue and groove design installs in less than half the time of other decks
  2. Cooler – The deck channels allow heat to dissipate, so the surface temperature is cooler than other deck floors
  3. Stronger – The I-beam engineering in Genovations makes this deck stronger than other leading 5¼” deck boards
  4. Lighter – Genovations decking weighs less than half of the leading competitors’


All Genovations products exceed the national building code requirements and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. This decking will not absorb moisture, so it will stay as strong and as durable as the day it’s installed. In fact, this type of decking is so durable, it can be installed directly on another surface, without any ground clearance!

Not only does Genovations decking not absorb water, but it also won’t: fade, stain, mold, crack, warp, sag or require fasteners. The deck is available in nine earth tone shades, and since there are no exposed fasteners, the surface is barefoot-friendly.

To accommodate and complete your new deck, Genovations also creates PVC railing systems. Available in six solid colors, you can coordinate with the decking color of your choice. This railing system incorporates enough inner strength to completely eliminate the need for support blocks.

For quality, American made decking, look no further than Genovations. If you have questions about Genovations’ decking products or if you’re ready to start planning your new deck as soon as possible, contact United Building Supply today.

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